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THE VIRTUAL CLINIC is encouragement. Without giving up your anonymity, going to meetings, or "weigh-ins", you get the advantage of group support and individual encouragement. We are in this together.

Weight Loss on the Web!
Our time tested and proven weight loss plan is now available on the web for about a dollar a day. A fully functional interactive diet clinic professionally staffed so you can confidently move forward toward success!

What is a Healthy Diet?
Should you lose a pound a day? Most experts agree that slower weight loss is best. One and a half to two pounds a week is considered an ideal rate of weight loss. It is fast enough for the dieter to see changes in their body yet slow enough to not cause health complications. Any weight loss faster than one half pound per day, 3 1/2 pounds per week, is considered too fast and could be unhealthy.

Dr. Cooper - Welcome to the Virtual Clinic.Debbie – Supervisor.Michael lost 90 pounds in 7 months.
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  • Interactive Bulletin Board
  • Nutritional Supplements Available in our Online Store
  • Recipes and Nutritional Guides
  • Administered by Board Certified Doctors
  • Internet Discounts
  • Behavior Modifications Lessons