Diet Cards
This is the backbone of the Virtual Clinic. Our diet cards will outline your daily meals and snacks. By following our individually designed nutritional guidelines your success is only mouse click away.

Weight Chart
Feedback is the key to the Virtual Clinic program. At anytime you can view or print out a chart that plots your progress so you can see your exact status.

Recipe Section
Our recipe section lists several healthy recipes geared toward your success. Each recipe is categorized in meals as well as types of food.

Conversion Table
A handy conversion table is available to help you convert quantities quickly and automatically. This is an automatic conversion from any unit of measure to another. You simply enter the quantity and the table will tell you exactly how many teaspoons, ounces, cups, pints, quarts, gallons and liters.

Personal Data Chart
This chart calculates body mass index and weight loss goals during your diet.

Tips & Suggestions
This is a collection of tips & suggestions that people have used successfully during their diets. Some of these may be common and some are quite unusual, but all of them work.

The Virtual Clinic maintains an electronic newsletter to communicate with you about new information that affects you and about others who are participating in the program. We encourage you to share your experiences and include before and after pictures.

Message Board
Use the Message Board to give advice, support or just to discuss topics relating to weight loss or any current issues. Post messages in "the Daily Check-in" section of our message board to have all your questions answered.

Questions and Answers
We have a Question and Answer section which lists the more common questions asked. We also encourage you to communicate with us so we can answer your questions.

Virtual Clinic Store
Our store offers the complete line of our nutritional supplements, vitamins and nutraceuticals required for your success. These items are the tools to help you lose your weight.

We want you to know exactly how everything works. In the help section we give you clear instructions on how to use the program and other helpful items.

Universally Available
You'll be able to use your own Virtual Clinic site from any computer with access to the internet. No more blowing it because you're in a strange hotel room somewhere. Your laptop can get you connected.